Regulatory Framework

The Petroleum Authority of Brunei Darussalam Act, Chapter 231 provides the establishment of Petroleum Authority (PA), a statutory body, acting as a central authority (regulator) to regulate and supervise the Upstream, Midstream & Downstream oil and gas operations in Brunei Darussalam.

The regulatory framework for petroleum activities is designed to give the best possible balance between the companies’ and the Government of Brunei’s interests. This is achieved through the PA Act. Chapter 231 and through the oversight of resource management.

Working with oil and gas operators and in cooperation with other authorities, we will ensure comprehensive assessment, reviewing and monitoring of the petroleum operational activities and program.

We set frameworks, stipulates regulations and makes decisions in areas where it has been delegated authority.

Functions, Duties and Power

  • Promote development

  • Licensing and regulatory functions

  • Petroleum + petroleum products supply security

  • Protect public interest in respect of supply and use of petroleum and petroleum products

  • Monitor and regulate petroleum operations

  • Supervise regulatory function of petroleum data

  • Coordinate development and maintain efficient use of petroleum infrastructure

  • Advise the Government on national needs, policies and strategies including investments

  • Promote and maintain the security of petroleum supplies and resilience of petroleum sector

  • Act as a State Party (negotiate, conclude, make, implement, supervise and enforce a petroleum mining Agreement)

  • Issue or approve codes of practice, directives and guidelines

  • Acquire and hold property, to sell, lease, mortgage or dispose of such property

  • Make/enter into agreements to perform functions

  • Impose fees for advice, assistance or services

  • Take action to enforce requirements in a petroleum mining agreement

  • Grant financing, guarantee repayment of subsidiary or a company PA is a member in

  • Receive donations and contributions, raise funds

PA Act, Chapter 231

Download The Petroleum Authority of Brunei Darussalam Act, Chapter 231