Making an Impact

Brunei Darussalam’s oil and gas industry has been the source of strength for the nation’s economy. The development of highly skilled Bruneian workforce has contributed to the success of the oil and gas industry today, which is made possible by facing challenges head-on with determination, persistence, and innovative thinking.

Being part of Petroleum Authority means the opportunity to make positive differences through our work in shaping the future of Brunei Darussalam’s oil and gas industry.

As an employee, you will:-

  • have the possibility to influence
  • gain a unique overview of how petroleum activities, operations and assets are managed
  • an opportunity to make a difference for the country and future generations

Our Priorities

  • Achieve organisational excellence:
    Building a sustainable, self-sufficient and high performing organization.

  • Investing in our people:
    Emphasis towards continuous development and capability building to drive performance through a wealth of courses, trainings, secondment and exchange programs as well as mentorship.

  • Future leaders:
    Generating talent pipeline to be the future leaders in the Oil and Gas industry

Career Opportunities

We are looking for talented Bruneians with a passion build a progressive and resilient oil and gas industry.

If you are seeking a career that will make a huge impact on you, personally, professionally as well as contributing to the sustainability of our country’s oil and gas industry , Petroleum Authority is the place for you.

Career Vacancies

Currently, there is no vacancy available.