Finance &
Compliance Regulatory

Our goal is to safeguard the value created from Brunei Darussalam’s oil and gas industry through effective evaluation and monitoring of all regulatory fiscal terms and directives. This includes:

  • Conduct performance reviews on Operator’s and oil and gas companies financial reports.
  • Performing contractual finance regulatory audits and verification programs.
  • Provide financial advisory support to stakeholders on financial oil and gas matters.

Our Priorities

  • Financial Compliance:
    Exercising regulatory power to ensure financial compliance of all terms within any Production Mining Agreement (PMA), Production Sharing Contract (PSC), Concessions and other contractual or commercial agreements involving regulatory financial requirements.

  • Monitoring Growth:
    Reviewing, monitoring and challenging operator’s work programme budgets, business plans and subsequent expenditure performance.

  • Ensuring Accountability:
    Verifying and auditing Government regulatory receipts and payments against fiscal terms.

Hengyi plant investment value over $15 billion