Petroleum Authority is committed in ensuring the health and safety of our personnel, maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, managing security matters relating to oil and gas industry and protecting and preserving the environment.

Our Priorities

  • Ensuring HSSE Compliance:
    Managing Health, Safety, Security and Environment within Oil and Gas industry in collaboration with other relevant authorities. This is carried out through the operationalization of HSSE Laws and Regulations, HSSE assurance and inspections, and continuous engagements with relevant stakeholders.
  • Strengthen HSSE culture:
    Cultivate, reinforce and strengthen industry’s HSSE culture. Demonstrate leadership and commitment, foster commitment from all personnel in compliance to HSSE requirements; transparency and good communication with authorities, operators, stakeholders and business partners.
  • Monitoring industry HSSE performance:
    Reviewing, monitoring and challenging operator’s HSSE performance for continuous improvement.
  • Commitment to Green initiatives:
    Petroleum Authority is committed to do our part in Brunei green initiatives which includes the Brunei Green Protocol and Brunei National Climate Change Policy.

PA staff planted 117 trees to compensate for the loss of carbon removal capacity